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Do you ever watch players like Ricky Rubio and wonder where they get their creativity and flair from? If you watch high level Spanish coaches you’ll soon realise that those amazing passes he throws today aren’t accidents- those behind the back no look passes were taught to him at a young age. I have been very lucky to have spent some time coaching at a high-level youth programme in Spain, where skills like this were developed.

I wrote to the top 3 or 4 teams around the European leagues asking if I could visit, watch and learn. Several teams got back to me, but one club seemed very friendly, that was “CLUB ESTUDIANTES” of Madrid. I visited many times, staying for 3-4 days and I would just sit and watch training sessions for 7 hrs a day from the small fries to the large fries… and I would write down EVERYTHING.

After the sessions I would chat with their coaches and quiz them on anything I needed to know. For example:

  • Why do you teach these fundamentals at this age?
  • Why do the defenders have a basketball too?
  • Why are the U14s told not to look at who they are passing to?
  • Why are the U10s launching shots from the halfway line?
  • Why do the U20s roll on the floor when they get beat in a shooting competition?

All odd to me, but when I heard the answers, it was always very obvious.

It’s amazing how different things are over in Spain, different approaches, philosophies and ideas. I learned so much. My many trips over to Madrid paid off… they loved my passion, enthusiasm and most of all the fact that I had made the effort to go over there just to learn, so they offered me an assistant coach’s role with two of their teams. I gave up all my work in the UK, got some money together and headed over.

I spent two seasons coaching youth basketball at Club Estudiantes in Madrid. A  club that developed some of the 12 players who eventually won Spain’s only basketball World Championship in 2006, including Spanish legends Sergio Rodriguez, Carlos Jimenez and Felipe Reyes, thus cementing their reputation for developing young players.

It is my observations and experiences at Club Estudiantes that I am passing on to you. The Joe Bloggs Basketball Lesson Plans PDFs, available on this website, take you on a journey through every drill, session and each week  of the time I spent at Club Estu.

What is available???

Joe Bloggs Basketball Lesson Plans

  • 3-4 full sessions.
  • Each session has around 8-12 drills.
  • Around 30 pages of drills.
  • All drills and sessions are in chronological order so you can see how each drill/session built on the previous one.
  • Explanations are given for the set up of each drill, the objectives and any other key information that I observed.
  • Many of the technical skills can be observed on the Joe Bloggs Basketball YouTube Channel …https://www.youtube.com/c/Joebloggsbasketball

Check out this free sample Joe Bloggs Basketball Estu SAMPLE

Joe Bloggs Basketball Games Approach PDFs

The Games Approach PDFs take some of the drills from the first few volumes of the U10/14/15/16 lesson plans, covering themes such as 1v1, team concepts and the training of specific skills. Although you miss out on the structure and progressions in each session, the PDFs are perfect if you want a drills fest and a taste of how  players are developed in Spain.



As time goes by, all of my notes will be typed up and on this site for you to download. At this point the U10s and U16s PDFs are the only ones that are finished, these are available individually or as a BUNDLE. The U15s and U14s are still in motion but some are available to download right now. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.